Oral Histories

Discover Bethlehem’s Vibrant Oral History

Step back in time and delve into the rich tapestry of Bethlehem’s past through our extensive collection of oral history recordings. Hear the firsthand accounts and cherished memories of both current and former residents, as they share captivating stories and anecdotes that offer a unique insight into life in our beloved town. Our oral history archive features interviews with members of several prominent Bethlehem families, including the Storella, Hudson, Tromley, Drier, Brown, Noyes, Hermann, Whitcomb, Johnson, Whittier, and Lewis families, creating a diverse tapestry of voices that encapsulate the essence of our community’s heritage.

At the Bethlehem Historical Society, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating Bethlehem’s cultural legacy, and our oral history project plays a crucial role in this mission. By listening to these recordings, you become a part of our ongoing effort to document and share the stories and experiences that have shaped Bethlehem’s identity over the years. Each recording offers a window into the past, providing a deeper understanding of the people, places, and events that have left an indelible mark on our town’s history.

Explore Our Collection

Embark on a journey through Bethlehem’s past by exploring our collection of audio recordings below. From nostalgic reminiscences of bygone eras to poignant reflections on significant moments in our town’s history, each recording offers a captivating glimpse into the heart and soul of Bethlehem. Whether you’re a longtime resident seeking to reconnect with your roots or a curious visitor eager to learn more about our community, our oral history archive provides a wealth of valuable insights and stories waiting to be discovered.

Share Your Story

Do you have a story to share or memories to contribute to Bethlehem’s oral history? We invite you to become a part of our project by sharing your own experiences and perspectives. Contact us to schedule an interview and add your voice to the rich tapestry of Bethlehem’s oral history. Your story is a vital part of preserving our town’s heritage for future generations, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Join Us in Preserving Bethlehem’s Legacy

Join us in our mission to preserve and celebrate Bethlehem’s cultural heritage by supporting the Bethlehem Historical Society. Your engagement with our oral history project and other initiatives ensures that Bethlehem’s unique stories and traditions continue to be shared and cherished for years to come. Explore, engage, and contribute to Bethlehem’s vibrant oral history today.

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